miðvikudagur, 21. febrúar 02 2018

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New  Seawater cooler

Service contracts

Frostmark ehf offer it’s customers to sign a long term service contract for their refrigeration systems that guaranties visit from our highly trained service technician at a regular interval. These contractual service inspections can vary from one per month down to twice a year depending on the nature of contract.


Over the years the benefit from this service has become clear for more and more of our clients. Regular inspection and preventive maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected brake down of the system and thereby increase operational safety. In the end of the day the overall running cost of the system is reduced and in many cases serious and costly damage is prevented.


Remote Monitoring

Data collection and remote monitoring of the refrigeration system is an option Frostmark ehf. has been offering to its customer for several years. By automatically collecting and storing critical operation data from the system, the system’s condition can be analyzed and an unexpected and costly break down prevented. In case of a fault the data manager system send warning to the responsible engineer and he the can log into the information database over the Internet to se how serious the fault is and take necessary actions. (For further information se product sheet)


General Service

In addition offers Frostmark a 24 hour emergency phone service, all year round. This means that our customers engineer can contact our service department, describe the problem and in many cases be guided to the solution over the phone. If a service technician’s visit is deemed necessary, it can be organized immediately.